11 februari 2011

China glaze Grape pop + OPI Show it & glow it

I have really fallen for layering glitter polishes over other polishes, at least when it is done as a gradient. So yesterday when I was painting my nails with Grape pop from China glaze I decided to make it a little more blingy and ad some purple glitter in form of Show it & glow it from OPI.

Grape pop itself is from last years Up & away collection from China glaze. It is a nice creme purple. The formula is very rich, it is full of pigment so two layers makes it totally opaque. I do find the brush to be little bit too soft though.

Show it & glow is from OPIs Burlesque collection. Here I hade to have very little polish on the brush when I was doing the grading otherwise it would become too thick. I did fail on two nails which I had to do all over again.

These two together turned out to be a very good combination. Or what do you think?

5 kommentarer:

  1. I like this combination. Good work!

  2. I think this looks beautiful, like your nails have been dipped in (purple) sugar!

  3. Lizzie: thank you!

    Jenny: Sugar, that was a great description. Thank you!

  4. I love the idea of doing glitter in a gradient! I always feel the full glitter nail is too young for me, but I think I could get into this gradient look! I'm going to try it :)