12 maj 2012

Zoya Luna

Silver is my thing. It suits me much better than gold. So Zoya Luna with a light grey jelly base and silver glitter did caught my attention.

I think I can wear glitter to any occasion. Well, almost anyway. And I think Luna from Zoya is one of those glitters that is suitable for work and party. It is glitter, but not up-your-face-glitter, if you understand what I mean. I love this color.

For some kind of opacity though I needed four coats. It is one to many I think, but still the formula was easy to work with so I can live with it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm the same - I love silver and wear glitters everywhere)
    Thanks for swatches, I should definitely buy it!)

  2. Yeah, I didn't like the sheerness of this. That is one of the main reasons I sold it.