11 maj 2012

Depend summer collection

It sure doesn't feel like summer in Sweden today. It is raining and raining most of the week and even spring seems far away. The other day I received Depends summer collection and that cheered things up.

I found some really nice colors among them, one the bo the warm, orange shimmer number 308. It looks beautiful. I also like the purple number 313 which has a green glitter in it. Looks cool! And I think I can I have some fun with the purple artliner with glitter. The cracked effect polishes though, sorry, but I am tired of the cracked effect.

1 kommentar:

  1. Aaahhh, I fell in love with n. 313 after seeing it on KillerColours blog *_______*

    That Isadora blue too in your previous post... <3 Why these brands aren't available abroad? :¬/