14 maj 2012

Lóréal Color riche Green couture

It is time to test the new nail polishes from Lóréal, a line called Color riche. A friend of mine loves these, she keeps buying one after another, and I can understand her. It is that candy look, all those colors are hard to resist.

Green couture is a grass green creme polish. It is the one that I fell for among those that were sent to me some weeks ago. It is a bright color that pops on the nails. I like this, with the right clothes, it is fun.

The fomula though was a bit thin, but still two coats did the job for opacity.

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is such a unique green! I love it.

  2. Det här lacket gillar jag jättemycket. Både färgen och penslen som var helt underbar i mitt tycke.

  3. got the hook too with theese, have already three. bright shades are just amazing, pastels not so.. got the Cafe st germain and was disapointed. in the bottle looking kind of nude but on the fingers soo bright dont like it because of strange shade - kind of washed out brown-grey