11 maj 2012

OPI I have a herring problem

OPI keeps coming out with new collections but I still haven't tried all the polishes from the Holland collection. I think I have at least a hundred untried polishes at home. So, today it is time for I have a herring problem from the Holland collection.

This is a dusty blue-grey color that sometimes looks a bit green. It also contains shimmer in the form of silver and gold. I like this kind of dirty looking polish. It is subtle and sophisticated, still it is cool.

The formula was great. So easy to paint with and for opacity I needed two coats.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag gillar den här väldigt mycket, men jag köpte Zoya Skylar istället som är väldigt snarlik.

  2. I may want this...very much even.