29 augusti 2011

Models own Nail art pen

When on vacation in Scotland I bought this nail art pen from Models own. Seeing what others are able to do with nail art pens I wanted to try it as well. So, I started with doing a leopard print in pink and red. Some years ago I would never have mixed pink and red but now I think it looks good.

I started with painting my nails with the bright pink Power pink from Isadora. Then I took the nail art pen and did some half circles and U-patterns. Spread them around, took it easy, a relaxed pattern. Then I took Red Alert from Isadora and filled in a little bit of red in the black.

And so I got my first leopard print. What do you think? I know, I need some practice, but it was fun. To be able to do some straight lines though I need to practice a lot.

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