22 augusti 2011

Back from vacation

I have been away. First to Scotland where we stayed in a small village north of Aberdeen. Wonderful, we saw castles, had tea and scones, walked by the sea, ate haggis and so on. We had such a great time.
Then we travelled on to the north of Norway, as high up as it is possible. There we walked in the mountains, fished in the sea (and broke a nail while bringing up a big fish in the boat) and even had dolpins svimming around the boat. It was so beautiful.
In Norway I didn't have a chance to shop for any polish, but in Scotland I did. Lots. I bought some brands I haven't tried before like Nails Inch and Barry M. Look what I bought:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken härlig skörd! Ska bli kul att se nya märken som inte dyker upp så ofta annars :)

  2. Jag använder nagelbandsoljan du köpt från Sally H! Tycker den funkar rätt så bra faktiskt, flaskan är ju så stor att den räcker i en evighet