28 augusti 2011

A good birthday present

Yesterday I had a small birthday party/barbeque at home for my family. One of the presents I got was three nail polishes. Hurray! It was my sister-in-laws mother Susan, who is in Sweden visiting from California, who gave me the polishes. She thought I would like them. And, yes, was she right.

One of the polishes I already got, a silver shatter from OPI. But hey, it is not easy to give a nail polish addict nail polish. But the other two is from Savina, a brand I haven't tried before. The purple-gold glitter Gold flecks and the iceblue shimmer Frostbite. Looking forward to try them on!

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a great birthday present! I am your new follower by the way! Great blog!