24 augusti 2011

Essie Sexy Divide

Well, it didn't take long until Sexy Divide ended up on my nails. And I love it. This polish is from Essies winter collection in 2008, but you can find it in their regular collection now. I couldn't resist it the other day when I went shopping and I am glad I bought it.

Why? Because it is so beautiful. It is a dark purple that doesn't turn in to a black. It stays purple and has a metallic finish that I like very much. I often fall for this kind of metallic finish.
In the bottle there is a pink shimer and a touch of gold, but you don't see so much of it on the nail. Then it is just purple, with a red tone though.

The formula was great and I like Essies brushes. I used three layers, but that was mostly because of bad lighting when I painted. I think two would have been enough.

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