28 juni 2011

OPI Your royal shine-ness + Servin up' sparkle

I am a silver girl. I only wear silver jewellery (or white gold). So I also really adore silver on my nails. Ad a little glitter, some sparkle and I am all in.

So, OPIs Serena Williams Glam slam collections Your royal shine-ness and Servin up´sparkle fits me like a glow.

Your royal shineness is a silver foil with a blackness in it. I love that. It makes the polish a bit more sophisticated. This polish really sparkles in the sun.
The formula is excellent, but I did paint three layers with it to make sure I got a good result. Buy this if you get a chance when they come out in the shops.

To ad some more sparkle I put on Servin up'sparkle on top. It is a small silver glitter and bigger holographic glitter in a clear base. This is really just a top coat, I don't dare to think about how many layers it would need if wanted it to be opaque. But on top of the foil polish it is that little extra. It actually looks a lot like Disco ball sparkle from OPI that came out in 2009, but in Servin up' sparkle there is a bit more silver glitter and the silver glitter is a bit more matte, but the holographic is the same. Well, they are actually very similar I think. Not dupes though.

OPI Your royal shine-ness

OPI Your royal shine-ness + Servin up' sparkle

Discoball sparkle and Servin up' sparkle

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