29 juni 2011

Collistar Mandarino Lacca

On midsummers eve my stepdaughter had a party at home. Me and my man were up in our summerhouse. When we came home she told me that the girls at the party had seen my nail polish collection and were totally amazed. They thought it was fantastic.
Well, and yes I have a lot of nail polish. A color for every occasion as I myself found out the other week. I had bought an orange dress for a party. Orange is not a color I usually wear, so I was thinking through my polishes and remembered that I had Mandarino Lacco from Collistar. And it was an exact match to my dress. Perfect!

The color is a saturated orange, on the border to being tomatored, and it is a creme polish. I like the color and think it works even if you are a bit pale as I am. The fomula is a bit thick so I have to work with it a bit, but two coats is enough to get it opaque.

And on the party, people did notice that my nails and dress matched. I love that!

Me, my dress, matching nailpolish and my man.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love when my polish matches my out fit too! haha

  2. Din ålder är så obestämbar. Du ser ung ut. Men så har du barn, vilket man förstås kan ha även som ung, men det är ju lite ovanligare idag. Så ser din man ut att vara version äldre. Enlighten me, please!