9 februari 2012

OPI New York City ballet

Time for OPIs wedding collection, this year it is called New york city ballet. It contains of  five polishes with a jelly finish and a silver glitter. And of course, the colors are all sheer and subtle. Not the thing I would wear if I get married again, then my nails will have a strong, vibrant pink or some kind of red. But hey, not all want that.

But I can still see the beauty in the colors in this collection because I like the jelly finish. It gives the nails a glas look that I like. And the glitter is a bit unusall. It looks like the hexagon glitter parts are matte. Will be interesting to see how it turns out on the nails.

Barre my soul, You callin' my a lyre?, Care to danse?

My pointe exactly, Piroutte my whistle, Don't touch my tuto!

2 kommentarer:

  1. love the look of You callin' my a lyre? and Care to danse?, can't wait to swatch them

  2. I think they look realy nice. Two or three of them might end up on my wishlist. Waiting for swatches.