21 februari 2012

News from Essie

Essies springcollection Navigate her landed in my postbox the other day and I am more than delighted. Green, bright pink, orange, coral red and a light purple are all colors that got my heart pumping. Especially the coral red. And the purple. And the green. And hey the pink as well.
The only one that doesn't attract my is the peachy A crewed interest. But, who knows, maybe I will change my mind once it is on the nail. It has happened before.

With this collection Essie is also changing the brushes into something much wider. It will make my friends happy, they don't like the old thin brush, I have been able to handle it though. A verdict will come soon.

What do you think about the collection?

Navigate her, Olé caliente, To buy or not to buy.

Orange, it's obvious, Tour de finance, A crewed interest.

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