31 augusti 2012

OPI Every month is oktoberfest

I met a friend on my lunchbreak. She looked at my nails and loved what I was wearing. I told her, Every month is oktoberfest, from OPIs Germany collection. She thought it was beautiful. And I started talking about how easy it was to apply. "I love it when you get all nerdy" she said.
I love that. Yes, I am a nerd. A nail polish nerd. And proud of it.

So, Every month is oktoberfest, is a dark purple shimmer polish. At least in some lights. In the bottle it looks more winered and on the nails it looks winered as well sometimes. I actually choosed this to match my winered trousers, but compared to them it is darker and more purple.
It is a beautiful color, these kind of colors hasn't excited me for long but now I really have an urge for them.
I also love the shimmer in these kind of polishes and the kind of metallic look that they give.

The formula was great and I needed two coats for opacity.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Be careful what you wish for, for you may see the swatches the same day. :D:D:D It is a lovely colour, I like that you don't go all flash-y with the pictures, so that we can see the actual colour.

  2. Edina: Dreams can come true. :) I am glad you like my pictures, I like using as much natural light as possible.

  3. How would you compare this to Vampsterdam? Is it different in tone? I love it, but I'm afraid they might be too similar

    1. They are similar, but Every month is oktoberfest is more red.